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By booking a package with Wingbuddy or browsing its website, you expressly accept the complete Terms & Conditions below. Any Wingbuddy client is legally bound by these conditions.



Wingbuddy is a Canadian travel agency based out of Montreal, Quebec and operating under the legal name of Wingbuddy.Inc. We also act as a tour operator. Wingbuddy specializes in packaging exclusive international trips, land and all-inclusive cruise packages.

Wingbuddy holds a travel agency permit issued by the OPC, the Consumer Protection Office (Permit Number 702994). It is important to highlight the fact that all our clients are fully protected by the OPC even if they are not residents or Quebec.



Wingbuddy makes sure all information on its website is accurate at the time it is posted. Our prices, according to the selected package, departure date and city are valid depending on availability on the service class of the included flights. Wingbuddy may alter the package itinerary, services included and prices at any time after the information has been published on the website. In this case, clients who would already have booked will be contacted as soon as possible.

The price of the package is the one confirmed upon reservation. All our prices include taxes.

Wingbuddy’s dynamic prices can fluctuate at any moment. Therefore, Wingbuddy cannot be responsible for price changes that can happen before you have completed your reservation online or over the phone. In case of an online booking, it is possible that the price fluctuates as you refresh your browser’s page.

Exceptionally, the price of the package can be modified after the reservation in case of a drastic increase of fuel prices or fluctuation of exchange rates. If the increase is less than 7% of the package price, including taxes, the client accepts the difference. In case the increase is higher than 7%, the client can choose 1) to cancel the reservation and get a full refund or 2) accept the new price and keep the reservation active.



Occasionally, Wingbuddy offers special promotions available to specific departure cities, dates or packages. These special rates or discounts cannot be combined with other offers or coupons. They are time limited and have a limited number of seats. Wingbuddy may withdraw any offer at any time with or without notice. Special offers cannot apply retroactively.



To book, you need to contact one of our agents by phone at 1-855-295-9200 or fill out the online booking form and make the requested payment. Price and availability will be confirmed at this moment. You certify that all information provided by you or anyone using your device on is true and accurate. Fraud, cheating or misrepresentation upon reservation constitutes an offence liable to prosecution.



We accept credit cards: Visa and Mastercard. American Express cards are also accepted, however, there will be a charge of 1% of the total amount paid as we must process these cards through a third party that incurs more fees. We do not accept debit cards or cheques. Wire transfers may be possible, please check with your agent upon reservation. If the credit used to pay is not in one of the passengers’ name, you will be asked to email us a picture of the credit card and of the holder’s ID.

You are solely and financially responsible for using our secured transactional website when making a purchase.



You must be at least 18 years old and have no lawful impediment to purchase a package according to these terms and conditions. It is important to know that the minimum age required on a cruise ship is 21 years old. Any underaged passenger must travel with an adult (18 or 21 and over). You are responsible for carrying the right authorizations and travel documents regarding the minor you are traveling with.



As soon as you have completed your reservation and within 24 hours maximum, you must check that the full names of each passenger and their DOB show EXACTLY AS PER PASSPORT on the booking confirmation that we send you.

Electronic tickets are generally emailed within 72 hours following the reservation. However, for internal reasons, it is possible that Wingbuddy is not able to send them within that timeframe. E-tickets will be sent minimum 30 days prior to departure.

The vouchers will be emailed at least 14 days prior to departure.

Should you wish to pick up your travel documents from our headquarters in Montreal, please make an appointment with one of our agents. If you would like to have them mailed to you, a $25 fee will be charged.



Any coupon, credit or discount granted by Wingbuddy can be used only once and within the allowed timeframe. It cannot be combined with another active offer nor can it be transferred to someone else unless the other person is part of the same reservation. Under no circumstance can a coupon, discount or credit be cashed for its value.



By no means can the winner of a contest receive financial compensation for the prize if he chooses not to use it. If the destination has been predetermined, it will not be possible to choose a different one. The prize is not transferable. The same cancelation policy applies once the booking is confirmed.



Without exception, all our packages are 100% non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be modified unless otherwise mentioned in the package offer. This means that once the deposit is paid, it is non-refundable. The same applies to the balance. If you wish to cancel your trip after you paid the deposit, you forfeit the deposit. If you wish to cancel your trip after you paid your balance, you forfeit the total amount paid. Any situation will have to be carefully examined by our operations department.



Any request to modify the original reservation after 24 hours shall be approved and confirmed by our operations department. This includes a change of name, date of birth, travel dates, destination, departure city, hotel category but not only and will incur additional fees that will be confirmed as soon as possible.



Airlines, flight schedules and connections are subject to change without notice. Wingbuddy cannot be held responsible for any delay, change or flight cancellation. It is your responsibility to verify if your flight is on schedule 24 hours before departure and to show up at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.



In case of an unplanned event or circumstance or to improve the experience at destination, our local operators and guides may modify, replace or cancel part of the itinerary or make final decisions during the tour. In the same way, cruise lines may cancel, modify or replace any port of call at any time and without prior notice. Wingbuddy will not be held responsible of any loss due to theses changes or cancellations.



The hotels we include in our packages are carefully selected by Wingbuddy. The hotels mentioned in the itinerary are subject to change and availability. Each hotel could be replaced by an alternative similar or superior in quality and location.



You are responsible for carrying all required documents allowing you to travel (passport, visa,  ID, birth certificate, etc.) as well as getting all the mandatory vaccines as required by the local authorities of the country you are visiting or connecting through at your own expense (unless your package already includes the visa fee). If you need additional information regarding the required travel documents needed, please contact us or the embassy of the country you are visiting. Any passenger missing a required travel document or holding a document that is not valid will not be allowed to board the plane by the airline. The local immigration authorities may not allow to enter or transit the country.

Wingbuddy may request a copy of your passport to complete the reservation of your trip.



Wingbuddy strongly recommends to its clients to take travel insurance to cover events that could happen before, during or after your trip. Wingbuddy is authorized by Manulife to sell insurance plans. The fact that you decide to take insurance or not is your responsibility. Wingbuddy’s agents will always ask you if you wish to purchase insurance with Manulife. Insurance policies always state exclusions especially regarding prior medical conditions. There are also specific conditions under which you may make a claim. Wingbuddy is not responsible if the insurance company refuses to cover certain risks. Your credit card may include travel insurance and you may decide to use it. It is your responsibility to make sure you are covered for the right amount, duration and risks. This applies to any other insurance you may be the beneficiary of.



Our local operators are present at destination to help regarding any issue during your stay. Please contact them immediately if you need any assistance and they will do their best to correct the situation. Wingbuddy does not offer a 24/24 or 7/7 assistance, therefore, the best option is to contact our local operators directly and first. In case of an accident or any other major situation, you must contact the local authorities. Wingbuddy will respond as soon as possible and assist you within the limits of its reach.



Wingbuddy may not be able to reimburse you the changes made to the itinerary in case of force majeure like war or civil unrest, strikes, acts of terrorism, natural or nuclear disaster, fires, beach erosion, epidemic or health risks, technical or mechanical problems, flight delay due to weather conditions, government measures, closed or congested airports or ports, local provider bankruptcy and any other event out of its control.

Wingbuddy chooses its providers with the utmost care making sure the services provided are of the best quality. However, Wingbuddy is not responsible if the services received do not meet the personal expectations of a client.

Clients waive any liability against Wingbuddy regarding any damage, injury or loss for any reason, caused by any person or company providing services or accommodation during the whole duration of the trip. Wingbuddy cannot be held responsible for delays, schedule or itinerary changes of flights, land tours and cruises. Neither can it be held responsible for the loss or damages resulting from the above changes.

For any question regarding vaccines and medication, please refer to a travel clinic. Wingbuddy accepts no responsibility concerning shots, medications taken before, during or after the trip.

Wingbuddy is not responsible for any damage, total or partial, that could affect your computer while browsing its website. Wingbuddy cannot be held responsible for any damage, whether punitive, exemplary, direct or indirect, physical or moral resulting from the use of its site.



Any special request regarding your physical condition or personal preference like a diet, wheelchair assistance, accessible room, baby cot … must be mentioned upon reservation and confirmed by the agent. Wingbuddy cannot guarantee that the request will be granted, and fees may apply.

Every passenger must be able to move without any other assistance than the person who travels with him/her. Wingbuddy may ask you questions about your physical condition and reserves the right to deny a reservation for a package requiring a good physical condition. In case an additional assistance is needed, fees may apply.



The pairing service allows solo travelers to share a room with another person and by doing so, avoid the single supplement fee. Wingbuddy takes care of putting these persons in touch. If you wish to be paired, you accept to be contacted in the future. You make the decision to travel with the person Wingbuddy has put you in contact with. Once the decision is made, the reservation can be completed. Wingbuddy will not be able to take the reservation until both passengers have decided to be paired together. However, it is possible for a client to book a package in single occupancy and request to be paired. We will do our best to put this client in touch with another person and if the pairing process goes through, the single supplement will be reimbursed. Wingbuddy cannot guarantee to pair you with another traveler. In the event the passengers are not satisfied with the person they shared the room with, Wingbuddy cannot be held responsible.



You may send your complaints regarding your reservation or your trip to [email protected].



Wingbuddy is a registered trademark. All content including text, photos, buttons, icons, images, and software appearing on are protected by Canadian and international copyright laws and you may not use it without prior written consent from Wingbuddy. Copyright laws prohibit modification, copying, distribution, transmission, display, performance, reproduction, publishing or selling any information, software, products, or services obtained from the site. Creation of derivative works or licenses is also prohibited. The website may only be used to look for information on available travel-related goods and services, and to make legitimate reservations or purchases. It is unlawful to make any speculative, false, or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand using this Web site. Inappropriate or unlawful use of this website will result in the refusal of access.



To ensure the successful fulfilment of your travel arrangements, Wingbuddy is required to provide information (such as name and DOB) about you and your purchase to the wholesaler, airline, or supplier. Wingbuddy is committed to respect the privacy of its customers. Names and information pertaining to customers shall not be given or sold to third parties. All communication with Wingbuddy remains confidential. Wingbuddy will not send you any unsolicited information.



Wingbuddy may at any time modify these Terms & Conditions. Your continued use of this site will be provisional upon the conditions in effect at the time of your use.



Your use of the website and the Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the province of Quebec and the laws of Canada, without excluding the principles of conflict of laws. You hereby acknowledge that any dispute related to your use of the website and the Terms of Use or your reservation, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Montreal, in the province of Quebec.


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