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Are prices in CAD dollars?

Yes, if you are in Canada, you are seeing prices in Canadian dollars. Wingbuddy is a Canadian company based out of Montréal, Quebec.

Is the departure guaranteed? Is it possible that Wingbuddy cancels the trip because not enough passengers have booked it?

Most of our departures are guaranteed. It is very unlikely that Wingbuddy cancels the package for this reason.

Is it possible to modify the flights included in the package (depart earlier or return later) or deviate the flights?

Before the booking, yes. Our sales team will be happy to customize your package if you wish to stay longer at your destination, come back from a different airport, or add a flight if needed. Ask your agent when making your reservation.

Do I need to make a deposit to book? How much is it?

Yes, you need to make a 50% deposit to book and secure your seats.

The balance is due 60 days prior to departure for land packages and 125 days prior for cruise packages.

Once I book, do I receive a confirmation?

Yes, at the moment of the reservation, you will receive an email with your booking confirmation. You must verify the information (names and dates of birth on passport) within 24 hours following the booking.  Be sure to notify us if there is any discrepancy.

When will I receive my plane tickets and other travel documents?

After you have reviewed the confirmation, you receive the plane tickets within 72 business hours. The rest of the travel documents (vouchers, tour itinerary, train tickets) will be sent 3 weeks prior to departure.

Is it possible to receive all travel documents by mail?

We send all travel documents by e-mail. You may print them at home or ask someone to do it for you; public libraries often offer these services. Consider going to an internet café. If the these options are not possible, we can mail them to you for a fee of $20 CAD taxes included.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once your package is booked, it becomes 100% non-refundable. This means that once the deposit is paid, it is non-refundable. The same applies to the balance. If you wish to cancel your trip after you paid the deposit, you forfeit the deposit. If you wish to cancel your trip after you paid your balance, you forfeit the total amount paid.

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance with us or on your own. You may want to check if your credit card or other personal benefits already cover you.

Once I book, is it possible to change my departure date?

No, once your package is booked, the date cannot be modified. If you wish to change the departure date, please contact our operations department who will then look into your file and offer an alternative if possible. Fees may apply.


Can I transfer my package to someone else?

Your package is not transferrable. However, under some circumstances, our team may be able to transfer part of your trip to a new passenger. The situation will have to be carefully examined by our operations department and fees can apply.

Is it possible to purchase travel insurance through you?

Yes. We are authorized partners of Manulife and as such, may sell travel insurance (medical, cancellation or all-inclusive).

Will a guide be meeting us at the airport in Canada?

No. In fact, there is no need for a guide to travel with you from Canada. You will take your flights on your own, from your departure airport in Canada, and you will be greeted upon arrival (if your package includes airport transfers). Our local operators are well-coordinated to welcome you at the airport.

Do I need a visa to travel?

Whether you need a visa or not depends on your citizenship and your destination. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the right documents to enter/stop in a country. For some of our packages (Egypt, Jordan, Vietnam) we take care of the visa for you and/or let you know how to obtain it.

Do I need vaccines before traveling?

We recommend checking with a travel clinic as soon as you book your package, as some destinations require shots several weeks in advance.

We are 3 or 4 passengers -- is it possible to share one room?

Triple occupancy is available for most of our packages. The price is the same for the 3rd passenger unless it’s a child between 2 and 11 years old on the return date. Quadruple occupancy is available on request. Price may be different.

Is it possible to be paired with another solo traveler to avoid the single occupancy fee?

Yes. We keep a file of pairing requests and can add your name to it. You simply have to request it. We will make sure to put you in touch with someone who made a similar request. At that point, you will be able to decide if you want to share a room/cabin. The final decision is yours.

I need to renew my passport -- can I still book?

Yes. To book, we only need your full name and date of birth as per passport or as they will appear in your new passport. Make sure to give us the correct information upon reservation.

My passport is about to expire -- do I have to renew it before traveling?

Make sure your passport is valid at least 6 months after your return date. If it’s not, you will most probably have to renew it before traveling. Make sure to check the entry requirements for the country of destination on the travel section of the Government of Canada website.

My middle name appears on my passport, but I don’t see it on my plane tickets or my vouchers?

That’s fine. Middle names are not compulsory on plane tickets. Make sure your first and last name are spelled correctly. If you have any doubt, please contact our operations team.

Do you offer discounts for seniors, students, veterans, families?

At Wingbuddy, we have exclusive deals for everybody! We always offer the lowest rate guaranteed. This is why there is no further discount for a specific category of our clients.

Can I book this package through my travel agent?

Yes. We work closely with numerous travel agencies throughout Canada and the US. Feel free to give our contact information to your agent. Once your agent gets in touch with us, we kindly ask you to channel all further communication regarding your booking through your agent.

Why isn’t the luggage fee included on some packages?

Mainly for packages to Europe and America, the baggage fee to check in a suitcase is not included. Your carry-on (small suitcase that fits in the overhead compartments on the plane) is included at no extra cost as well as a personal item (like a purse). This allows you to choose whether you want to check in one piece of luggage per person (or one for two) or if you prefer traveling with your carry-on and personal item. The baggage fee varies from one airline to another.


How can I pay for my package?

We accept credit cards: Visa and Mastercard. American Express cards are also accepted, however, there will be a charge of 1% of the total amount paid as we must process these cards through a third party that incurs more fees. We do not accept debit cards or cheques. Wire transfers are possible.

Can we pay with more than one card?

Yes, you may pay with as many cards as there are travelers in your reservation.

The credit card is not in my name -- can I use it to pay?

Yes, just email us a copy of the credit card holder’s ID.


What airline do you use?

We work with all airlines. Our reservation agents will advise which flight itinerary is available for your trip. We suggest direct flights when available and what supplement is involved. We are able to accommodate your preference regarding the airline or the schedule whenever possible.Fees may apply.

Is it possible to upgrade my seats on the plane?

Yes, if you opt for the Premium Economy seats, Business or First Class, ask your reservation agent prior to completing your reservation. Fees apply. Not available on all flights.

Is it possible to make my air plane seat selection with Wingbuddy upon reservation?

You will be able to do the seat selection directly with the airline – online or by phone - as soon as you receive your e-tickets (approximately 72 hours after booking). It is important to know that airlines charge for the seat selection when it is done in advance. However, it is free when you do it 24 hours before your departure while doing your online check-in. Whichever way you choose to do your seat selection, you will be able to pick the seat you like the best or with more legroom (within the Economy class) and pay the fee directly to the airline.


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